"Leaves the reader breathless."

– DiAnn Mills, National Bestselling Author

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  • “A big story that pulls no punches and keeps you in its grasp until the final page. A masterful debut thriller.”

    —Robert Dugoni, New York Times and Amazon #1 bestselling author

  • “Ricci creates an intricate story that begs for an answer and leaves the reader breathless. What would you do if everything you held dear was at stake?”
    – DiAnn Mills, Christy Award-Winning Bestselling Author

  • “Ricci delivers that rare bird, an action novel that should appeal equally to Christian and non-Christian readers.”

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  • “The author has crafted a taut, conversation-stimulating, contemporary thriller. The plot presents the complexity and humanity of the illegal immigrant issues our country is facing.”
    – Bruce B., Amazon customer

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  • “For once an author tells the story without simplistic outcomes. Ricci puts you in the mind and heart of the characters as they face choices. Some are made with the best intentions, but real life outcomes come into play…”

    – Patty P., Amazon customer

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  • “The clock-is-ticking fast pace, the twists and turns, the moral and ethical complexities, and the strengths and weaknesses of the main characters all draw you into the suspense and keep you riveted to the page…a resounding success.”

    – E.K., Amazon customer

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