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2016 Aug 16

Getting Above The Noise

Posted under: Justice in Government, Politics

We’re living through a Pandora’s box of political speech. Our culture’s insatiable appetite for opinionated journalism, mixed with SuperPAC-fueled media messages from all sides and a raging spirit of offense that accompanies nearly every disagreement, has turned our country’s most important democratic event into a display of bloviation, vitriol, and deception at every turn.

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2016 Jun 20

Whose Kingdom Come?

Posted under: Justice

When I develop my novels I continually research the topics and issues in my story as I write. I’m working on the second book in my Real Justice thriller series right now, and one of my lines of inquiry is powerful people and how they become so.

Last week I discovered an intriguing quote from the late Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona…

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