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2016 Nov 8

Let’s Celebrate Election Day!

Posted under: Community, Politics

Election Day 2016. I voted, and I’m celebrating.

I celebrate that we the people get to choose who occupies the seats of government. From the White House to the city council and school board. Even the water district—a BIG deal here in drought-stricken Southern California.

I’m grateful we in America are free to express opposing views and beliefs. Yes, it’s been ugly. But that’s a matter of character. We are responsible to use our free speech right with honor and dignity…

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2016 Nov 4

Preparing for November 9

Posted under: Justice, Politics

Four days from now one protracted battle ends and another begins. The results of November 8 call for an active response beginning November 9.

A portion (not necessarily a majority) of the people will be happy and feel vindicated, while the rest will grapple with grave concerns. The vocal opponents will continue the “disaster for the country” drumbeat. Why would they stop?

Both major parties are already taking legal action over the election process. A close outcome will intensify those efforts. Remember the 2000 election? One can easily imagine how much more contentious it’ll be this time…

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