Welcome to DennisRicci.com!

Posted on October 3, 2014 in Community, Justice

Welcome to the new website for Dennis Ricci, Suspense-Thriller Author! It’s designed to be a place to connect, interact, and join me in my journey as an author. A place to share what we learn together about ourselves and each other through the vehicle of story.

I write political thrillers. My promise is to give you a white-knuckle ride through the halls of the power elite from the viewpoint of lead characters who risk all and sacrifice all to pursue the highest good—if they can discover what it is. They live authentically from who they are—flawed people who know and love God. They put their faith to work and invite you to judge for yourself what it means to a troubled world looking for answers.

My first novel, Perilous Judgment, is a confluence of three issues straight from today’s headlines—immigration, money laundering, and the role of the judiciary in American democracy. The lead character, federal judge Edward J. Lamport, is a former prosecutor and a crusader for justice who, less than a year into his tenure on the bench, discovers that real justice is elusive—especially when the scales must balance for himself and his family.

I will comment on what I learned researching Perilous Judgment—and future novels—in this blog. I want to dialogue with you on the issues, and this site enables us to exchange views and discuss how they are dealt with in my fiction and in our lives.

Perilous Judgment is in the pre-release stage. It won the Genesis Award in the mystery/suspense/thriller category for unpublished authors from American Christian Fiction Writers in September 2014 (click here to read more about Genesis). My agent and I presented it to publishers at the recent ACFW conference, and three have expressed serious interest. (UPDATE: I signed with Amazon Publishing’s Waterfall Press Imprint in July 2015. Perilous Judgment will be released in May 2016).

I’ll be attending the Novel Writing Intensive workshop conducted by Steven James and Robert Dugoni on October 16-19. Following the workshop I’ll apply what I’ve learned to the manuscript before we submit it to the publishers for evaluation. Once submitted, I’ll work on Book 2 in the Edward Lamport series, Guilty of Innocence. More on the characters and plot of the second book in future posts.

I look forward to many interesting and stimulating exchanges with each of you in the months ahead!