It’s Official: Publishing Contract Signed!

Posted on July 27, 2015 in Community, Publishing

Perilous Judgment blog image 7-27-15I am grateful to announce that today I have signed a publishing contract with Amazon Publishing for my novel, Perilous Judgment. Release is scheduled for Spring 2016, exact date to be determined.

Many have been a part of my journey toward this important milestone in my writing career, and I want to acknowledge and thank each one of them here.

Jesus, my Savior and Lord, who forgives all my sins, heals all my diseases, redeems my life from the pit, and crowns me with His love and compassion.

Jill, my wife and life partner. Thank you for your steadfast love and encouragement that helped me persevere, especially in those times when I thought I didn’t have what it takes to be an author.

DiAnn Mills, my longtime mentor and friend, who shone a light on what was already in me and lit the flame to write fiction that glorifies God. Thank you for sharing your mastery of the craft so freely with me.

Jerry Jenkins, for your encouragement and wisdom early in my journey to write what is now Perilous Judgment. Thank you for your selfless stewardship of the Christian Writers Guild that made it possible for me and so many others to learn the craft from the best.

Doc Hensley, for your inspiration and for modeling what it takes to be a true professional writer.

Blythe Daniel, for believing in the premise of my story early on and your ongoing encouragement to send it to your agency when it was ready.

Jessica Kirkland, my agent, for your developmental guidance, for believing my work was ready to enter the Genesis contest in 2014 (which I won) and for your tenacity and perseverance in aligning this work with the right publishing house.

James Scott Bell, for your teaching excellence in your workshop and your craft books. Thank you for the personal encouragement you gave me that I “was close” at a critical point in my journey. And thanks for referring me to Jodie Renner.

Jodie Renner, for your skin-thickening, craft-streching, story-improving editing. You are a master at the art of the thriller, and I thank you for blessing me with your expertise. I wouldn’t have made it this far without your contributions.

Robert Dugoni and Steven James, for creating and delivering an outstanding Novel Writing Intensive. You showed me critical elements of story and how to execute them that brought this novel to a much higher level of craft.

Thanks to my family, friends, and critique partners who read my work-in-progress and gave me helpful feedback: Jill Ricci, Linda Johnson, Theresa White, Bruce Barkis, Carmen Richards, Sandra Cook, Natalie Nyquist, Julie Marx, Debra Tash, Elizabeth Cheever, Pamela Trawick, LoraLee Kodzo, Jane Daly, Christina Nelson, Midge DeSart, Jeremiah Bokulich, Steve Moore, Katy Barsch, Dawna DeSilva, and Mike Thomas.

And thank you, Amy Hosford, for believing in this story and bringing it to readers everywhere.

Peace and Joy,

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