The Key to Everything, Part 1

Posted on October 12, 2015 in Leadership

The Key to Everything Keller book coverHave you ever read a book and, when you finished the last page, said to yourself, “I wish I’d read this years ago”?

The Key to Everything by Matt Keller is that kind of book for me.

(Disclaimer: I received an advance copy through my literary agency, who also represents Mr. Keller, in exchange for reading and reviewing it. I was not required to give a positive review).

If this book had been released ten years ago, five years ago, or even a year ago, I’m certain my life would be better.

I’ve always considered myself a life-learner. It’s one of the qualities that attracted my wife to me and is still one of the things she likes most about me. But from the very first chapter, Keller showed me there are more ways to grow that I hadn’t yet discovered.

Keller’s key to everything is teachability, and the book is built on two words that capture true teachability—desire and willingness. Being teachable comes down to wanting to grow and being willing to do whatever it takes to grow.

I read The Key to Everything like its author suggested—a chapter or two a day. The book is organized into three sections: Roadblocks to Teachability, The Characteristics of Teachability, and Developing a Lifestyle of Teachability. Each section contains five succinct chapters chock full of principles, examples, and application tips.

I allowed Matt’s words to sink in and do their intended work in my mind. As I did this, I experienced immediate impact on my thinking and self-awareness.

I saw where my level of willingness to grow was lower than my desire in areas critical to fulfilling my life dreams and goals.

I saw two roadblocks to teachability at work in me—the fear of rejection and the fear of criticism. Keller’s insights helped me see my skin wasn’t as thick as I thought it was and, more importantly, gave me a simple redirect to ensure my hope and trust were rightly placed and aligned.

He also pointed out an issue with which I wasn’t in touch—rejecting input from people I don’t think know as much about a particular topic as I do.


Keller helped me recall moments in my life when I’ve closed myself off to others and how I was poorer for having done so.

The Key to Everything will shape a new generation of thinkers and doers. Matt Keller has given the world a self-revealing and well-crafted gift. If you want to grow and are willing to do the work, The Key to Everything will launch you on a lifelong path to fulfilling your purpose and destiny.