Relationships Matter Most

Posted on May 19, 2016 in Writing Life

PJ launch party1 gathering 500px

Tuesday May 17 was Launch Day for my debut novel, Perilous Judgment. I was blessed and honored to celebrate the occasion that evening with my family and more than eighty friends.

The encouragement and enthusiasm that came my way for the book and my journey to here touched me deeply.

I read three passages from the novel. In one, the lead character makes a startling revelation. The gathering gasped in unison.


For a writer, that was cool.

PJ launch party family 500px

My whole family was there. My youngest son wasn’t sure he’d be able to get away from work during the gathering time, but he made it.


I was able to personally greet and thank everyone for attending, and most took home a signed paperback or audiobook. One couple bought five paperbacks, then ducked out of the party for a short time to hand deliver one of them to a friend…who, as it turned out, had his home church group in session…and everyone there wanted a book too.

Publishing a novel is a big deal. But it’s a temporal feat.
Relationships matter most. They’re eternal.

Yes, it was great to read selections from Perilous Judgment and sell a lot of copies.

What was better—what mattered most—was sharing the moment with people I care about and who care about me.

They celebrated my accomplishment. Asked if the next novel was in progress (it is) and when it would be available (to be determined). Loved on me.

Ricci-PerilousJudgment thumbnailPublishing a novel is a big deal. If you haven’t yet bought a copy of Perilous Judgment, I hope you will soon. Early readers are digging it, staying up late to finish it.

I think you will too.

But it’s a temporal feat.

Relationships matter most. They’re eternal.